Our Background
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Our Background

Buchanan Ventures was founded in 1997 through the support of the University of Houston’s Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation. Our primary focus was offering support services to Investment Banks and entrepreneurs by building strategic business plans for growth oriented companies. As we became more involved with our clients, they naturally asked us to help them implement the plans we were developing. Through the relationships we had built in the investment banking, venture capital, and angel investor network, we began to help our clients source the capital they needed to pursue their plan. With the expanded service offerings we became Buchanan Ventures. Our focus has adjusted to emphasize our strengths as growth enablers as we began both developing and implementing growth plans for our clients.

Adhering to solid business fundamentals, our investment opportunities are designed to minimize risk while leveraging returns for increased profitability for our investors. Additionally, our experience spans successful projects with Fortune 500 companies such as Boeing and HP (formerly Compaq) to individual land owners. This experience has made us adept at developing profitable relationships to achieve shareholder value.


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