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Buchanan Ventures, Inc. (BV) is a venture development firm specializing in the growth of Shareholder Value in Real Estate, Oil and Gas, and Leverage Buyout transactions. BV excels at the sourcing, development, and implementation of high Internal Rate of Return (IRR) investment opportunities. BV’s core competence lies in its ability to recognize undervalued assets and intangible resources, which can be leveraged to accelerate a project’s IRR. BV’s talented management team targets projects with built in equity, short time horizons, and excellent cash flow that can ultimately generate superior economic returns. The company’s assignments have included Manufacturing, Automotive, Information Technology, and the Energy Sector. Additionally the company has provided acting CFO or COO executive roles in Oil & Gas technology, Construction, Personnel Recruiting, and CRM industries. Buchanan Ventures has now transitioned to work exclusively on projects in which it has a controlling share.

Buchanan Ventures offers its investors and partners the benefit of personal attention, regional expertise, and national relationships. To learn more about Buchanan Ventures, click a link to the left or contact us.


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