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Management Team

Carlos E. Buchanan, II, Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Buchanan is the Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Buchanan Ventures. Mr. Buchanan has in-depth experience in growth strategies and growth management supporting clients from large companies to startup ventures. As founder and CEO of Buchanan Ventures, Inc., he has supported over 65 companies at critical decision points through intensive consulting assignments including acting executive management positions and as an investment banker. His background has demonstrated a highly diverse project flow, having completed numerous engagements in commercial aviation, marketing, software, finance, oil & gas, and information technology. Results of his work include:

• Numerous successful placements of debt and equity capital for early stage companies.

• Arranged $90 million in capital for a LBO of a public machining company.

• Arranged $65 million in capital for a LBO of natural gas pipeline assets.

• Development of a Joint Venture between an early stage company and a Boeing Subsidiary, accomplishing a $7M investment.

• Co-development of “Rational Market Valuation” Techniques for accelerated turnarounds and ongoing organizational analysis.

• Executed fiduciary responsibility as acting CFO to protect investor’s position leading to management change, refinancing and repositioning of an early stage software company.

• Supported development and lobbying of Energy Management Programs for minority energy service companies in the US Department of Energy.

Before founding Buchanan Ventures, Mr. Buchanan held a leadership position in higher education for the University of Houston’s Center for Entrepreneurship & Innovation. During his tenure he championed the extension of the Center’s activities and the operations of a program that resulted in 50% of its students opening companies upon graduation. Mr. Buchanan received his BBA in Finance and Entrepreneurship and completed the MBA Entrepreneurship program at the University of Houston. During his graduate studies he received the coveted Texas Business Hall of Fame Scholarship for his display of entrepreneurial spirit and leadership.

Suzanne Buchanan, Managing Director

Mrs. Buchanan is the co-founder of Buchanan Ventures and has direct experience consulting with over fifty startup and early stage companies. Mrs. Buchanan’s experience has given her the ability to rapidly analyze business concepts and provide management with timely strategic directives. Her research background includes spearheading research on market feasibility and penetration projections in markets as varied as the PDA market to Biotechnology. Mrs. Buchanan’s expertise lies in organizational structure optimization. Her consulting experience includes identifying flexible business models and corresponding organization structures to maximize productivity and efficiency. Her experience also includes multiple executive reviews of client companies to determine current personnel capabilities and identify needs for new executive roles. Her project experience includes:

• Developed business plan and memorandum for oil and gas tool manufacturing company to obtain institutional investment to acquire $25 million in revenues and go public. Additionally identified and advised company on their most profitable acquisition to date.

• Real estate business analysis leading to $6M impact for client.

• Completed Nationwide Opportunity Analysis/Feasibility Study for a $65 million Compaq/CMGI investment.

• Development of restructuring plan for $300M Asian automotive concern.

• Development of Performance Management Program for public machining company.

Mrs. Buchanan’s responsibilities include project management as well as investor relations. Her accomplishments include the creation of Buchanan Venture's internal policies and procedures and she continues to monitor value chain progress on all projects. Mrs. Buchanan graduated with a BBA in Entrepreneurship and later completed an MBA, both from the University of Houston. She was awarded the Texas Business Hall of Fame Scholarship during her graduate studies.


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